Project Description

I started brewing my own beer in 2009 and since them I have reviewed and rated many beers. I started by using paper to contain my reviews but this quickly became a hassle since it was not searchable. I looked at some of the existing beer rating mobile tools but they were difficult to search or they were slow to load. So I decided to build my own.

Built with PHP and MySQL the beer database is fully responsive and loads very quickly. Because it was built on a responsive framework it scales down nicely on my iPad and Windows Phone.

The database uses a NoSQL approach in that each brewery, beer and review can have multiple properties associated with it. One review may have a date and a comment where a different review might have multiple comment fields for aroma, appearance, flavor and mouthful. This flexibility makes it easy to add a field to a handful of reviews. A good example of this in practice would be Dragon’s Milk from New Holland Brewery.