Publications Database

A C# web application for the print designers at the University to keep track of client’s design jobs and printers. Designers can add unlimited number of clients, projects and printers.

Counselor Visit Database

The Admissions’ counselors needed a way to communicate with students about their upcoming visits to their high schools. In the past, they would send a list to Web Communications and we would manually update the website. For the 2015-16 school year I built a web app using C# and SQL that allows the counselors to update their […]

Extended Campus

The Office of Extended Campus at the University of Northern Colorado used to have two different web sites. One for distance classes and a second for their online programs. There was a lot of cross-over and confusion for students wanting to learn more information.

The largest part of this site was working with the client and […]

Admissions Website

Admissions website for the University of Northern Colorado.

News Database and Website

A web application built in C# that allows the Public Relations unit to publish out content to the website, compose daily emails to faulty and staff and manage emergency alerts on campus.

Interactive Map

Interactive map for the University of Northern Colorado.