The University of Nicosia uses the Bitcoin blockchain to verify the authenticity of certificates that have been awarded. To verify my certificate, you will need the following three links:

How do verify that the certificate is valid

Compute and verify the hash of my certificate above. It will be:


Find the hash in the list of valid hashes

Look at the second PDF link which has a list of valid certificates. The hash of my certificate is on page 5. In case the University goes out of business or the website is down, I have a copy of this document as well.

Verify that the list of certificates is valid

To verify that this list of certificates is valid, compute the hash of the list of hashes. It will be:


Compare the hash to the Bitcoin blockchain

The third link is to the Bitcoin blockchain using SmartBit. Find the transaction:


The OP_RETURN value contains the hash of the list of certificates. It is now confirmed that the certificate above is valid.