About Jesse

Jesse Clark
I am the Webmaster for the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) where I am responsible for coding top level websites, building web applications and assisting web authors on campus.

I run a side business that focuses on music education called Jesse Clark LLC. The flagship application, PracticeSightReading.com, assists musicians in sight reading, which is being able to perform a piece of music perfectly on the first time.

I am familiar with frontend web technologies (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) and making sites accessible to users with disabilities.

On the server side, at UNC I code in C# and use SQL. With my LLC, I code in PHP and use MySQL. In addition to web technologies, I have published and app in the ITunes app store that was written in Objective-C.

I enjoy learning new technologies and keeping up on current trends. I am a very fast learner and use projects to learn new technologies.